How to Decide Infringement When Conflict between Trademark and Trade Name in China?

By Luo Yanjie

As two different concepts in law, trademark plays the role as to distinguish the origin of the product or services, and the trade name is the literal expression to indicate different companies. But in the daily operation, we may see the confusion between these two concepts, and the trade name may also be used as kind of mark in business. Naturally, we see many companies choose to register their name as the trademark. Despite the similar function of them, the trademark and trade name are verified by different administrations (the mark is subject to the administration of trademark office, and the trade name is ruled by local administration of industry and commerce), but that also triggers the conflict between two objects. In today’s post, we would like to analyze the conflict occurred when trade name registered prior to the trademark by different subjects.


Malicious Squatting of Trademarks in China Will Be Curbed

                                —Comment I on the revision of China Trademark Law 

Highlights: The Comment One on the draft of China Trademark Law amendment. The new regulation expands the scope of malicious squatting of trademarks and the protection on well-known ones, while it still leaves an ambiguous space for application.

The draft of China Trademark Law amendment (the “Draft”) is issued by the Legislative Office of State Council (LAO), a working body to the State Council assisting the Premier in handling legislative affairs and other legal affairs, for the public comments. After study on the draft, Bridge IP Commentary will make series analysis on it.