Questions and Solutions to Enforcement of Rights Protection by Overseas Software Enterprise in China

(By Luo Yanjie) Abstract:In the litigation of software infringement, the most fundamental evidence is that which is used to prove that the infringed software used by the defendant is plaintiff’s. It is urgent that China strengthens its punishment of infringement so as to protect commercial order and stability.

Rhino Software Inc. (hereinafter the “RhinoSoft”) developed “Serv-U”, a widely adopted FTP server software. In recent years, RhinoSoft have been trying to enforce its rights against the unauthorized use of Serv-U in China. Our previous post Analysis on the Assumption of Liability in the Serv-U Infringement Lawsuit in China has already introduced some of our analysis on this issue. In today’s post, we will be doing a complete analysis of the problems and potential solutions of RhinoSoft’s enforcement of rights in the proceeding litigation from a practical perspective.


Analysis on the Assumption of Liability in the Serv-U Infringement Lawsuit in China

(By Luo Yanjie) Serv-U is a kind of widely adopted FTP server terminal software, and its main function is to help the transmission of documents on websites. Because the software is relatively small and the normal user has no way to sense the server terminal, many domestic websites in China are now using pirated Serv-U. For this reason, Rhino Software Inc., the developer of Serv-U has been continuously fighting against the piracy of its software, a story which has recently been widely reported. The list of companies sued includes LockLock from South Korea, as well as Netac and eMule, among others. The compensation claimed in these cases ranges from half a million yuan to 1.99 million yuan.