Questions and Solutions to Enforcement of Rights Protection by Overseas Software Enterprise in China

(By Luo Yanjie) Abstract:In the litigation of software infringement, the most fundamental evidence is that which is used to prove that the infringed software used by the defendant is plaintiff’s. It is urgent that China strengthens its punishment of infringement so as to protect commercial order and stability.

Rhino Software Inc. (hereinafter the “RhinoSoft”) developed “Serv-U”, a widely adopted FTP server software. In recent years, RhinoSoft have been trying to enforce its rights against the unauthorized use of Serv-U in China. Our previous post Analysis on the Assumption of Liability in the Serv-U Infringement Lawsuit in China has already introduced some of our analysis on this issue. In today’s post, we will be doing a complete analysis of the problems and potential solutions of RhinoSoft’s enforcement of rights in the proceeding litigation from a practical perspective.


Search Engine in China: Liability to Infringement in Snapshot?

the Baidu snapshot

By Luo Yanjie

With the increasing sense of legal protection, the copyright owner are paying more and more attention to the infringing works spread in the internet, especially for the ICP of infringing works, like the video search engine and Wenku (namely the online library). But to the annoy of the copyright owners, when the ICP deletes the infringing content, the page may be remained in the snapshot of the search engine available to the visitors, which makes the effect of right protection may be discounted. Today, we would like to share our opinions on the copyright infringement by snapshot of the search engine in this post:


Could Ungranted Movie’ s Copyright be Protected in China?

—Discussion on the Protection over the Prohibited Works by China Laws

Although China is among the few countries attempting to control the ideology, the rule of law is progressing in this country. Currently, the previously unprotected works, like the pornography or ungranted published works, all could be protected by the Copyright Law.

In recent, Shanghai Pudong People’s Court judged an infringement case of the cyber disseminated movie, and in the case the legal owner of the movie, which however has no administrative license for public show, was protected by the judgment and the owner’s claim of compensation was also supported.


The First Criminal Case on Internet Video Copyright Infringement in China

Highlights: to introduce the first criminal case on the internet infringement, and also the analysis on the relevant laws and regulations in China. 

As one of the biggest video websites in China, the, which claims being able to provide multi-platform VOD services through mobile phone, computer and television, has been prosecuted for criminal offenses, with the website itself and six staffs are brought to the court. OpenV has been the first video website put subject to criminal liability for unauthorized film and television works on demand services. This unprecedented case shocks the industry currently with widespread infringements, and also shows the determination to combat internet infringement of China government.