The Chinese Automotive Industry is a Hotbed for Systematic Vertical Monopoly


Abstract: Current regulations, created by ministries and commissions such as the National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”), formulate that automobile distribution should follow the hierarchy from sole distributor to brand distributors. This is to prevent in-fighting within the individual brand, however, the results is a legal hotbed for monopoly practices to eliminate or restrict competition.

(By You Yunting) According to Media’s reports, China Automobile Dealers Association (the “CADA”) recently confirmed that the CADA is actively cooperating with the NDRC’s anti-monopoly investigation. But a senior executive of CADA explained that the investigation is aimed at whether automobile manufacturing enterprises fixed the minimum sale prices to distributors, not about the issue of high profit of imported automobiles into China. Setting a high price for import automobiles is a business decision, and does not constitute as a monopoly conduct.