Shall Silk Street Undertake Compensation Liability to LOUIS VUITTON MALLETIER for Trademark Infringement?

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(By Luo Yanjie) Abstract:  Market-managers should fulfill their duty to exercise reasonable care to cease trademark infringement. “Intentionally facilitating an infringement by another person or party of an exclusive right to use a registered trademark including through acts such as storage, transportation, postage, concealment and similar” shall be deemed as an infringement of the exclusive right to use a registered trademark.

Our website once introduced a post that the Name on the American Notorious List Could Also be the Well-known Trademark in China. Actually, Silk Street is not a company that sells fake goods, buta market consisting of many small shops. It is undeniable that the market of Silk Street was once listed alongside the Pirate Bay in the notorious market by USTR because it has sold too many fake products. Considering there are many fake products in Silk Street, the market manager shall be found liable. In today’s post, we would like to introduce and discuss a case where the market manager was found liable for its shops’ selling fake goods.


Calculation to the Illegal Operation Income in Trademark Infringement

By Luo Yanjie

The trademark infringement in China, honestly though reluctant to admit, is very serious. That made the administration and the judicial organ pay more attention to the infringement investigation, and on the other hand, foreign invested companies could also be dragged into the conflict concerning the trademark, like Apple encountered enforcement by local administration for iPad trademark. In such circumstance, the calculation to the illegal income amount shall be important to the infringer, which shall influence their legal liability in direct way.


State Intellectual Property Office Actually Only Be in Charge of Patent Matters in China

The Introduction to the IPR Administrations in China

We find that it remains unclear to most foreign friends that the division among the administrations managing IPR in China. Actually, it also puzzles local people for it’s hardly to judge the specific function of the administration from its name, for example, the State Intellectual Property Office is in charge of patent management, the industry and commerce administration for trademark, and the Copy Right Office, the managing organ for copyright, is also known as the administration of press and publication. (the image above is the logo of the administrations mentioned in this post)


Once Apple Lost iPad Trademark: Would There be A Name Change on iPad3 in China?

For the claimed iPad trademark infringement, as media reported, the Industry and Commerce Administration of Shijiazhuang City, Hubei Province of China, detained more than 40 iPads on the report of Proview, the registered owner of iPad trademark. For this issue, Mr. You Yunting was interviewed by Donews, a tech website in China, and the following is the details of the interview: (the image above is Proview’s Certificate of Trademark issued by Chinese government )

1. When the infringement of Apple is judged established, could anyone bought iPad choose to return the device to Apple?


Before 2nd Instance of iPad Trademark Dispute: iPad was Withdrew in Some Cities by Local Chinese Government

After losing the lawsuit in the trademark transfer dispute against Proview in the 1st instance, Apple will attend the hearing of the 2nd instance on 29th, Feburary, 2012. However, just before the hearing, on the complaint of Proview, the administration of Industry & Commerce has started the investigation on trademark dispute, and on 13th February, the administration in Shijiiazhuang City detained 41 iPad devices and ordered for stop iPad’s sales.(the link is in Chinese)

On the issue, Mr. You Yunting, the founder of our website was interviewed by medias, which details are as follows: