The Name on the Notorious List Could Also be the Well-known Trademark in China

Analysis on the Establishment of Well-known Trademark of Silk (秀水)

Recently, China Trademark Office, a branch of State Administration of Industry and Commerce announced the list of newly established well-known trademark of 2011, and the mark of Silk(“秀水” read as Xiu Shui or known as Silk)applied by Beijing Silk Street Market Co., Ltd (the “Silk Company”) was on it. Therefore the mark Silk gains the highest domestic trademark honor. Silk Company, the owner of the trademark stated on its official Weibo (twitter like website in China) account that “it is another milestone on the road of intellectual property autonomous development of Silk Market, and that will boost the development of brands of Silk Market based on the Silk mark.


Blizzard, Valve or Others, Who will get DOTA Trademark in China?

—Analysis of DOTA (the Defense of the Ancient) Trademark Dispute 

Highlight: Recently Blizzard voiced its concern over Valve’s attempt to trademark DOTA, a popular map of Warcraft III. Could Valve register the trademark, and what measures could Blizzard take to against Valve’s attempt? Bridge IP Commentary will give you our analysis. 

DOTA is the only officially recognized Warcraft RPG map by Blizzard Entertainment, who is furious about Valve’s attempt to trademark DOTA. “To us, that means that you’re really taking it away from the Blizzard and Warcraft III community and that just doesn’t seem the right thing to do” as commented by Rob Pardo from Blizzard.