How Companies in China Apply for Reserve Trademarks and Defensive Trademarks?

(By Luo Yanjie) A reporter from China Industry & Commerce News asked the author how companies should apply for reserve trademarks and defensive trademarks. The interview is as follows:

1. How to decide between the registration of a reserve or defensive trademark?

Reserve trademarks are prepared for coming new business. Because the period from application to reservation requires one year, it is suggested to prepare some spare names for new products or services being prepared or under research and development. Then, before the product is released, the company can directly select and use a name it has already registered. Generally, it is only necessary to apply for the classes the company intends to adopt, and there is no need to register many other related classes.


Will JDB Revoke Wang Lao Ji Trademark Arbitration Award through Litigation?

By You Yunting

In recent, a spat over the established brand Wang Lao Ji, also known as Wong Lo Kat, which is the most valuable herbal tea trademark in China, has occurred. The biggest distributor of the drink in China, JDB group, claimed that it has filed the application to Beijing No. 1 Peoples’ Bank to revoke the adjudication made by the China International Economic and Trade Committee (CIETAC) on the dispute.

The basic facts of the case in the reports: Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (the “Guangzhou Pharmaceutical’, SZSE: 600332) is the registered owner of the Wang Lao Ji trademark, who signed a trademark license agreement with Hung To Group Co., Ltd. (the “Hung To”, the parent company to JDB), by which Hung To gets the loan of the trademark of 10 years.