DeBund Succeeds in Pushing Copycat Game App from AppStore

Recently, DeBund takes a big step forward in providing mobile internet legal services that You Yunting Team, on behalf of clients, succeeds in pulling a popular game from the AppStore by more than 10 lawyer’s letters.

The Developer of the complained game copied large amounts of background elements of a well-known game, including graphic design, plots, role names and geographic names, and also used the brand of the original game. The Developer also made a cartoon modeling on the game characters, and did a slight change to the game name, not exactly the same as the original game. The infringed benefits greatly from the complained game to millions of yuan every month.

Not exactly the same to the original game is a bit more complicated because in most cases, application market operators are unwilling to push them from the market but would like to ask the two parties solving the matter through lawsuits. However, lawsuits take time. As the infringed still can gain a lot during the lawsuits, it is pushing them out from application market that becomes critical against infringement.

Fierce fights come because of involving numerous benefits. In our Lawyer’s Letters, You Yunting analyzes the infringing contents in detail and explains the reasoning pursuant to the Copyright law, the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, and the Regulations on Protection of the Right to Network Dissemination of Information. At the other side, the Developer contends and opposes in interpreting his reasons. In total, DeBund sent 14 Lawyer’s Letters and the Respondent replied 10 lawyer’s letter. At last, Apple Inc. agreed with DeBund and pushed the infringing game from the AppStore.

Three years ago, You Yunting Team began providing legal services concerning notice of infringement and counter-notice on the AppStore. The first case is on behalf of a domestic mobile app to defend against a complaint sent by a British Lawyer Office, thus led Apple Inc. to the decision that Apple Inc. did not push the app from the AppStore. Recently, You Yunting Team has already acted on behalf of both the infringing and the infringed on the AppStore and kept a quite high success rate.

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