DeBund Succeeds in Pushing Copycat Game App from AppStore

Recently, DeBund takes a big step forward in providing mobile internet legal services that You Yunting Team, on behalf of clients, succeeds in pulling a popular game from the AppStore by more than 10 lawyer’s letters.

The Developer of the complained game copied large amounts of background elements of a well-known game, including graphic design, plots, role names and geographic names, and also used the brand of the original game. The Developer also made a cartoon modeling on the game characters, and did a slight change to the game name, not exactly the same as the original game. The infringed benefits greatly from the complained game to millions of yuan every month.


The Suggestion on the Patent Management of the Company in China from the former Huawei Patent Engineer

Highlight: The patent has been an integral part of modern companies. Bridge IP Commentary will give you the suggestion for the patent management and application under the laws and regulations of China.

Patent is the essential part of the intangible asset of modern companies for it may bring great profit with proper application. In recent years, it has brought to the attention of China companies the importance of the patent for the often encountered patent litigation and the Section 337 Investigation by U.S.A. Then how to manage and apply the patent? And the followings are our suggestions: