Is Andy Liu Responsible for Audi’s Plagiarism in its Advert?

(By You YuntingThe other day Audi made an allegedly plagiarized advert at Grain Buds, one of the traditional Chinese solar terms, attracting public interest. I felt bad about this incident because the advert in dispute was shot with my favorite star Andy Liu. Today I would like to discuss whether Andy Liu is also responsible for the infringement if “Mr. Grain Buds from Peking University” takes an action.

First, let’s look at the case facts. May 21st is Grain Buds, one of the traditional Chinese solar terms. On that day Audi published the advert Live a Life Like Grain Buds endorsed by Andy Liu on several platforms, including douyin and weibo, which soon gained much popularity on the internet. “Mr. Grain Buds from Peking University”, a douyin blogger showed proof in a video that Audi made the advert by plagiarizing his writings. Audi apologized in public and removed the advert completely from the internet and Andy Liu also removed the advert video from his douyin account.


Should L’Oreal Be Responsible for Li Jiaqi’s Live Streaming Incident and Pay to Customers Three Times the Price Besides Refund?

(By You YuntingThe news came from media1 that a recent sale event that Li Jiaqi performed with L’Oreal went awry. In early October L’Oreal announced on weibo that customers in Li Jiaqi’s live streaming room would be offered “the best of the year and get 50 face masks by paying for 20 ones”. Later L’Oreal gave away thousands of coupons at its official Tmall store, causing the final price much lower than the presale price and refused claims of most customers in the live streaming room. Both Li Jiaqi’s and Wei Ya’s live streaming rooms made an statement of stopping cooperation with L’Oreal. I would like to discuss the legal outcome that L’Oreal should have in this case.