Legal Analysis on Apple’s Lose in APP Store Infringing Contents of Beijing Litigation

By Luo Yanjie

Recently, a reporter of TechWeb interviewed You Yunting of our website about issues of Apple providing infringing content as follows:

1, Lots of China writers have sued Apple Inc because its App Store violated their copyright; Encyclopedia of China Publishing House (EPCH) win the case and get 520,000 as compensation. How do you see this kind of cases? Can it become the flag case of mobile Internet copyright?

Personally think it is more suitable to say that it is a flag case for APP Store of Apple, the main significance is as follows:


Analysis of App Store’s Obligation under China Copyright Law

By Zhan Yi


At the beginning of 2012, Apple Inc. (the “Apple”) was sued by some noted local writers in China for copyright infringement. This aroused wide concentration amongst the public on the copyright issue in App Store. Will Apple be liable for the free or paid download by law? The answer to this question, in my perspective, shall focus on the determination of its legal nature which shall be considered within the regulations of the copyright law based on App Store’s commercial and technological model of App Store.


Is It Difficult to Combat Knockoff Games in China?

—comment on the game software infringement by China laws

Highlight: To introduce you the most common infringement against the online game and the methods by which the right owner could stop the infringement or to gain the profit by licensing the infringer.

As news reports, Shengtiantang, a China game company is complained and demanded to withdraw by Blizzard for the company’s developed game World of Starcraft on iOS platform, meanwhile, Apple has also noticed Shengtiantang of the no infringement evidence.


Should Apple Bear Liability for Infringing Contents in App Store?

Highlights:Two software developers was sentenced to bear the compensation liability recently in Beijing for the infringing gadgets in Apple App Store. Bridge IP Commentary will introduce you the liabilities Apple may take in such case.

Recently, a case concerning the alleged video infringement in App Store is sentenced by a local Court in Beijing, in which the LeTV Information and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (the “LeTV”, SZSE: 300104) found a TV series with the right to network dissemination of information reserved by it played on a software available from the App Store and then filed a suit against the two companies developing and operating the software. The first instance’s decision supported the claim of LeTV with the sentence of the compensation of RMB 40,000.