The Effect of GDPR on Chinese Businesses

(By Lisa Li)The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) affects a broad range of people outside the EU. Certain Chinese businesses are very likely to be bound by GDPR. This article briefly discusses how GDPR affects Chinese businesses and what Chinese businesses should do to comply with GDPR.

1.The Application of GDPR to Chinese Businesses

This is a matter of applicability. GDPR applies to the following people.

(a) People established in the EU who control or process data and process personal data while doing business regardless of where these data are processed.


Why Nippon Lost Its Lawsuit against Trademark Infringement by Taobao Sellers?


(By Luo Yanjie)In March 2011 the globally well-known paint producer Nippon Paint Co. Ltd. (“Nippon”), discovered Zhanjin Company had set up a shop on, the biggest online market in China, and had been using Nippon trademarks, ads and trade dress concerning Nippon products with no approval or license from it. With no reply from after filing a complaint, Nippon sued Zhanjin and Taobao in court, and yet the complaint was rejected by the judge. Dissatisfied with this result, Nippon made an appeal to the Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court, who ruled that the adoption of Nippon’s trademark by Zhanjin is for product information display only, and it could lead to no likelihood of confusion among the public. In addition, the court ruled that no commercial interests of the plaintiff would be damaged. Based on these rulings, the alleged trademark infringement claim could not be established, and therefore the original decision was maintained.


Is It Difficult to Combat Knockoff Games in China?

—comment on the game software infringement by China laws

Highlight: To introduce you the most common infringement against the online game and the methods by which the right owner could stop the infringement or to gain the profit by licensing the infringer.

As news reports, Shengtiantang, a China game company is complained and demanded to withdraw by Blizzard for the company’s developed game World of Starcraft on iOS platform, meanwhile, Apple has also noticed Shengtiantang of the no infringement evidence.