China Laws and Regulations Update in June 2017

1.The Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Give the Clarification of Several Issues on Dealing with Criminal Cases of Personal Information Infringement

The Clarification consists of 13 articles to clarify the definition of “personal information”, the decision making criteria on unlawful “provision of personal information”, the conviction criteria on personal information infringement, etc. Article 2 thereof states that violation of laws, rules and bylaws governing the protection of personal information should be deemed as “violation of applicable national laws” specified in Article 253.1 of the Criminal Law.


How China Government Regulates Risk Prevention for Bitcoin Transaction?

(By You Yunting)  The Circular on Issues Concerning Risks Prevention forBitcoinwas published on December 3rd in regards to regulating the bitcoin bubble, a virtual currency bubble, that has exploded in popularity in China and soared in value in recent months.The circular was issued jointly by People’s Bank of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (the “MIIT”), China Banking Regulatory Commission (the “CBRC”), China Securities Regulatory Commission (the “CSRC”) and China Insurance Regulatory Commission (the “CIRC”), which states that Bitcoin has no legal status of monetary equivalent and must not circulate on the Chinese market.