What is Disney’s Greatest Concern After Expiration of Copyright in Mickey Mouse

(By You Yunting) The 94-year-old Mickey Mouse will reach the end of its copyright protection term in the US, Disney’s headquarters. Actually, its copyright protection terms in other countries almost all expired some time ago. Being well acquainted with Mickey Mouse IP, Disney has maximized profits by running its business skillfully and continuing making innovations. However, it has weaknesses as well. This article discusses the most destructive practices by its rivals to the commercial value of Mickey Mouse, potential damage to Mickey Mouse’s commercial value by making it a horror or pornographic movie, and its corresponding solutions.


China Copyright Protection Term Longer than EU’s?

—Analysis on Copyright Protection Term in China and Protection on Works in Public Domain

Highlight: Describing the protection term of various copyright works in China Copyright Law.

The European Internal Market Committee decided to extend the copyright protection term for performers and sound recordings from the current 50 years to 70 years for their copyright remuneration in the rest life of the performers. (news related, in English)

I. The protection term in China Copyright Law

China Copyright Law clearly regulates the protection terms on various works both domestically and internationally.