How Long Is the Copyright Protection Period of Foreign Companies and Individuals in China?

By You Yunting

A reader asked: Does Chinese law protects the copyrights of foreign companies and individuals? And, how long is the protection period? Today’s post will discuss this question.

I. The three requirements for granting copyrights to the works of foreign individuals or companies

Whether or not the work of a foreign person, company, or stateless person enjoys the copyright protection period depends on whether or not they qualify as a Chinese copyright holder. By Article 2 of China’s Copyright Law, one of the following three conditions must be met:


How to Legally Use Mickey Mouse Brand and FIgure in China?

By You Yunting

About one month before, the IPR Committee of Shanghai Bar Association invited the police officer from the Economic Investigating Squadron of Shanghai Police Department to deliver a speech on the criminal protection over IPR issues. And in the communication after the seminar, the police officer raised a question to the acceded lawyers, “The Shanghai Disney Land will be constructed several years later, and it’s foreseeable that there could be stores selling Mickey Mouse or other figures articles with no license thereby granted around the park. Yet, by then, the copyright protection term on Mickey could be expired, and so what measures could be taken to strike the unlicensed using or selling?”


Will Copyright Law Modification Break Down Recording Industry?

—digest of Sohu Weibo interview on Exposure Draft of Copyright Law

On the invitation from the biggest web portal, Mr. You Yunting was interviewed on sohu’s microblog for the Copyright Law exposure draft (the “Draft”), and today’s essay is the digest of the interview. And for your convenience in reading, we’ve made a few alterations to the questions and our answers.

1. Q: Is the modification of this time kind of progress or retrogress?

A: From the legislature technology, the modification is a progress while it remains problems.


China Copyright Protection Term Longer than EU’s?

—Analysis on Copyright Protection Term in China and Protection on Works in Public Domain

Highlight: Describing the protection term of various copyright works in China Copyright Law.

The European Internal Market Committee decided to extend the copyright protection term for performers and sound recordings from the current 50 years to 70 years for their copyright remuneration in the rest life of the performers. (news related, in English)

I. The protection term in China Copyright Law

China Copyright Law clearly regulates the protection terms on various works both domestically and internationally.