Qiaodan Sports Cancelled Trademarks Registerred in Jordan Children’s Name

By Si Weijiang

According to a news report, Qiaodan Sports made an announcement in recent, that it has canceled the trademarks registered matching the Chinese translation of Jordan’s Children’s names. Also it’s mentioned in the statement that, Qiaodan Sports has found many trademarks with Qiaodan (乔丹)contained, therefore for the protection of its brand, so far the company has registered 129 trademarks for the defense strategy. However for the defense purposes, these trademarks have never been used and Qiaodao has no intension to use them in the future. In our opinions, the active cancellation by Qiaodan is a right step on the course for the name of foreign people shall also be protected in China.


Legal Analysis on Conflict Between Domain and Name Right According to Chinese Law, I

By Albert Chen

In recent, one of the hot news in China, might be Mr. Zhou Libo’s taking back the network domain in his name (Zhou is the comedian star of Shanghai style small talk, a talk-show like performance in Shanghai dialect). Ms. Yue from Beijing registered “zhoulibo.com” (the “domain”) in 2007, and in September of 2011, Mr. Zhou filed the arbitration in the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre (ADNDRC), claiming that the main part of the domain is as same as the pinyin of his name which is highly possible to result in the misunderstanding among the public. The ADNDRC finally adjudicated the domain to Mr. Zhou. For the dissatisfaction with the decision, Ms. Zhou brought the dispute to Shanghai No.2 Intermediate People’s Court, but the court refused all the claims of her.


To Stem the Passing Off on Michael Jordan

As reported, Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, made an announcement through PR Newswire that he’s formally suing Chinese sportswear maker Qiaodan Sports (the “Qiaodan Company”) for using without authorization. To Jordan’s words, what makes him more disappointed is his children’s names are also infringed by the company, and he also added the lawsuit is not about money.

Actually “Qiaodan”, the transliteration in Chinese of Jordan, accompanied with the logo of a basketball man have long been used by the Chinese sportswear maker, and that could not be newly known to Jordan in afraid. However, the lawsuit is filed when Qiaodan Company is preparing its listing; therefore “it’s not about money” might more accurately to be “it’s not ALL about money”.