Legal Analysis on Conflict Between Domain and Name Right According to Chinese Law, I

By Albert Chen

In recent, one of the hot news in China, might be Mr. Zhou Libo’s taking back the network domain in his name (Zhou is the comedian star of Shanghai style small talk, a talk-show like performance in Shanghai dialect). Ms. Yue from Beijing registered “” (the “domain”) in 2007, and in September of 2011, Mr. Zhou filed the arbitration in the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre (ADNDRC), claiming that the main part of the domain is as same as the pinyin of his name which is highly possible to result in the misunderstanding among the public. The ADNDRC finally adjudicated the domain to Mr. Zhou. For the dissatisfaction with the decision, Ms. Zhou brought the dispute to Shanghai No.2 Intermediate People’s Court, but the court refused all the claims of her.


Analysis on the Data of Microsoft’s Combat against IPR Infringement

On 23rd February 2012, an article Michael Jordan Wants Respect for his Brand in China in Business Week reported Michael Jordan’s lawsuit against China Qiaodan Sports in China, and said that “After all, China is notorious as a haven for intellectual property rights (IPR) piracy. Microsoft (MSFT), to name just one example, has struggled for years to fight against unauthorized versions of Windows and Office. What makes Michael Jordan think he can succeed where Bill Gates has failed?”

But on 21st March, Mr. Simon L. K. Leung, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft China stated on the interview by Wallstreet Journal that the situation is improving and he credited a campaign against piracy led by China’s Ministry of Commerce, and said an increasing number of state-owned enterprises are using licensed software.


A Compromise between Michael Jordan and Qiaodan Sports?

Reportedly (Note this report is in Chinese), Michael Jordan, the star sportsman of NBA, recently made a statement that Qiaodan Sports Co., Ltd. (“Qiaodan Sports”) is suspected of infringement on his right of name, and he had initiated the legal proceeding in the People’s Court of China. And by the late news, the Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court has accepted this case. It is reported (Note this report is in Chinese) that the Qiaodan Sports has been approved by the Issuance Examination Committee of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) to issue 11.25 million shares collecting RMB 1.06 billion, which would be issued publicly upon the future approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). (the image above is the trademark information retrieved from the trademark office of PRC)