Analysis on the Data of Microsoft’s Combat against IPR Infringement

On 23rd February 2012, an article Michael Jordan Wants Respect for his Brand in China in Business Week reported Michael Jordan’s lawsuit against China Qiaodan Sports in China, and said that “After all, China is notorious as a haven for intellectual property rights (IPR) piracy. Microsoft (MSFT), to name just one example, has struggled for years to fight against unauthorized versions of Windows and Office. What makes Michael Jordan think he can succeed where Bill Gates has failed?”

But on 21st March, Mr. Simon L. K. Leung, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft China stated on the interview by Wallstreet Journal that the situation is improving and he credited a campaign against piracy led by China’s Ministry of Commerce, and said an increasing number of state-owned enterprises are using licensed software.


Complaints from China IT Tycoon: Weak Protection over IPR Jeopardizes Industry Innovation

According to the report of Nandu Daily, Mr. Ding Lei, the CEO of NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) and the representative of People’s Congress in China stated on the conference of Guangdong People’s Congress that despite the innovation could make customers more satisfied and bring more market share to the company, which is also the impetus to the company, it’s also haunted with the dilemma of “more innovation more suffering” due to the weak protection on IPR by the state.

According to Ding’s words, the lawsuit on the infringement against the company may last for years, therefore the proceeding may be a suffering to the company; moreover, the judged compensation may be very low even the infringed company wins the lawsuit. “Previously, Baidu stately posted the works of Han Han in its product Baidu Wenku, and why? The reason could only be the poor combat on the infringement”, said Mr. Ding.


The Officer of U.S. Consulate Visited Bridge IP Law Commentary

On 20th December, Mr. Steven Duke (杜史文), Vice Consul of U.S.A, visited DeBund Law Offices/Bridge IP Law Commentary for the survey on the IPR protection in China.

On the meeting with the Consul, Mr. You Yunting introduced the IPR protection in China and replied the questions interested by the visitor, which mainly include the national treatment of foreign companies in IPR dispute settlement, the destroy of knockoff model through judicial way, the copyright of video-sharing programs, the transaction and transfer of patent, the protection of trade secret and the development of IPR judge and lawyers in China.