Comments and Analysis on Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances

By Zhan Yi

On 26th June, the acceded countries at the diplomatic conference of WIPO signed the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances (the “Treaty”); the Treaty first established the overall protection system of performers’ rights concerning audiovisual works around the world.  The Treaty has covered more than 40 countries; with China being one of them. This essay is to analyze the effect on the audiovisual industry from the new Treaty, as well as the latest copyright law revisions in China.


China Ranked 7th International Trademark Application

On March 13th, from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) official website, in 2011, China submitted 2149 Madrid international trademark registration system application to WIPO, accounting for 5.1% of the total, and ranked seventh in the world with one position advanced by 2010. In addition, China remained the most designated country for trademark protection.

The top three applicants are EURO, Germany, U.S.A., and China took the post of the seventh with the application of 2149. For the annual development rate, Russia ranks first and China at the place of fourth.


WIPO: ZTE and HUAWEI of China Rank First and Third in PCT Application of 2011

By the news of 6th March, WIPO released the statistics on the PCT application in 2011 global wide, among which ZTE Corporation of China with 2,826 published applications overtook Panasonic Corporation of Japan (2,463) as the top PCT applicant in 2011. Huawei Technologies, Co. of China (1,831) ranks third.

Despite difficult economic conditions, international patent filings under the WIPO-administered Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) set a new record in 2011 with 181,900 applications – a growth of 10.7% on 2010 and the fastest growth since 2005. China, Japan and the United States of America (US) accounted for 82% of the total growth. In 2011, the patent application in China saw a growth of 33.4 on 2011, the fastest growth among all, and totaled 16, 406; a growth of 8% in U.S.A totaled 48, 596 and a growth of 21% in Japan totaled 38, 888.