Analysis on Copyright Risks of Duowan YY Music

By Luo Yanjie

According to a recent news report (note: the link is in Chinese), the Huanju Inc (namely, the holding company of submitted the prospectus to SEC of USA, applying for the IPO in NASDAQ for $ 100 million funding, and the code of it is YY. As indicated in the prospectus, the achievements of YY music have been the most bling-bling part. YY music is actually the music channel of YY instant messenger, introduced in March of 2011, and mainly broadcasting live shows of music performance. The performer could interact with the spectators by Karaoke, singing match or live videos. Furthermore, amounts of virtual products are available on YY music, which could be got on payment or as gifts. Yet to the statement of someone skilled in the art, the mode of YY music is facing the copyright risk. Today’s post would share our opinions on the issue.


Comments and Analysis on Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances

By Zhan Yi

On 26th June, the acceded countries at the diplomatic conference of WIPO signed the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances (the “Treaty”); the Treaty first established the overall protection system of performers’ rights concerning audiovisual works around the world.  The Treaty has covered more than 40 countries; with China being one of them. This essay is to analyze the effect on the audiovisual industry from the new Treaty, as well as the latest copyright law revisions in China.