China Supreme Court’ s Advanced Judge Commented on Microblog Copyright Protection

As reported by Beijing News, Judge Kong Xiangjun, the head of third adjudication division of IPR cases in Supreme People’s Court, stated that the hearing standard of Weibo copyright conflict shall by those for general cyber copyright conflict.

According to the previous judicial interpretation from the Supreme People’s Court, it demanded the court to balance the interest among the oblige, ISP and social public, for one hand the cyber copyright protection shall be strengthened, and also the hearing shall promote the innovation and the business model development to ensure the social public interest.

As pointed out by Judge Kong, Weibo is a new internet technology as well as a new internet service model, while no unique feature of it has been found yet; for this reason, the hearing on the Weibo copyright conflict shall follow those standards for normal copyright cases under the principle of fairness as demanded by the Supreme Court.

We share the common opinion with Judge Kong on the issue, and Bridge IP Law Commentary once posted Could Tweets be Protected by Copyright Law in China? on our website for the detailed interpretation.

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