US Industrial Representative’s Interpretation on the Impossibility of Charges in China’s Music Industry

Record IV of Day Four of our U.S. Visit

(By You Yunting) In late March, the author had the opportunity to take a journey to the United States at the invitation of the U.S. government in order to better understand how the U.S. IPR system operates. On the fourth day of the journey, the author and his associate visited the International Intellectual Property Association (the “IIPA”). The following is the brief record of our visit there.

The IIPA is a copyright protection organization consisting of the Association of American Publishers (the “APP”), Business Software Alliance (the “BSA”), Entertainment Software Association (the “ESA”), Independent Film & Television Alliance (the “IFTA”), International Visual Art Association (the “INTVAA”), Motion Picture Association of America (the “MPAA”), National Music Publishers’ Association (the “NMPA”), and the Recording Industry Association of America (the “RIAA”).


The Legal Sense of the Punishment over the Vertical Monopoly of Mao Tai and Wu Liang Ye By NDRC


(You Yunting) According to the report, Mao Tai Company and Wu Liang Ye Company, both are the top distilleries in China, would be ordered the penalty of 1% of their annual sales in 2012, approximately RMB 449 million yuan, by the National Development and Reform Commission (the “NDRC”) for their restricting or fixing the retail price of their downstream dealers. You might have noticed “would be”, and we have no idea about whether the final decision has been made, and it could not exclude the possibility that the news report is only the public opinion test by NDRC for its punishment in consideration.


Why Nippon Lost Its Lawsuit against Trademark Infringement by Taobao Sellers?


(By Luo Yanjie)In March 2011 the globally well-known paint producer Nippon Paint Co. Ltd. (“Nippon”), discovered Zhanjin Company had set up a shop on, the biggest online market in China, and had been using Nippon trademarks, ads and trade dress concerning Nippon products with no approval or license from it. With no reply from after filing a complaint, Nippon sued Zhanjin and Taobao in court, and yet the complaint was rejected by the judge. Dissatisfied with this result, Nippon made an appeal to the Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court, who ruled that the adoption of Nippon’s trademark by Zhanjin is for product information display only, and it could lead to no likelihood of confusion among the public. In addition, the court ruled that no commercial interests of the plaintiff would be damaged. Based on these rulings, the alleged trademark infringement claim could not be established, and therefore the original decision was maintained.


Jurisdiction of the Criminal Investigation by Police in the Taobao Malicious Reviewer Case

(You Yunting) In the widely-covered corporate espionage dispute between Sany Heavy Industry (“Sany”) and Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., (“Zoomlion”), Sany has criticized the Hanshou Public Security Bureau (“Police”) in Changde City, Hunan Province, stating that it did not have jurisdiction to investigate the case and that its investigation was in violation of the law. The Hanshou Police, however, replied there is no problem with it handling this investigation. As of now, there has been no final decision in the case, but the jurisdiction issue it has raised has captured the public attention. Coincidently, the author also believes that there are Police jurisdictional issues in the recent Tabao malicious review extortion case.


Is It Illegal for 360buy Blocking Etao’s Price Comparisonand Plugin?

Today we are going to discuss legal problems concerning the 360buy blocking, Alibaba’s price comparison website,’ and its plug-ins. And it shall be first pointed out, the author has no relation with either party of the event. The introduction to the event background:

In November of 2011, 360buy took technical measures to block the price search engine of Etao, who afterwards replied it would no longer index the price data of 360buy by Weibo. Yet in the price war between 360buy and Suning, Etao again published the live price comparison between 360buy and other online shopping stores. And in recent, 360buy further blocked the browser plug-in of Etao on, and the plug-in is designed to show the prices on different websites of the same product. Etao stated 360buy is paralyzing its software.


Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantage of Trademark Full-class Registration in China

By Albert Chen

We posted to discuss what classes shall DOTA like online game to register their trademarks several days ago. In a country like China where the infringement is not rare, it’s suggested to apply the trademark in relevant classes as many as possible, and today we would like to discuss the way to make the strategy on trademark and the advantages and disadvantages of the full-class registration of trademarks.

I. The full registration of trademarks is suggested for the current condition in China


Could Tmall Beat Back the Attack with the Aid of Police?

                   —Analysis on the Possible Legal Countermeasures against Attack on Tmall

Highlights: Tmall is facing the attack from its small merchants for the dissatisfaction on the ons side increase on the annual fee. We would like to analyze the possible legal measure Tmall may take to combat such attack.

Recently, many merchants of Tmall, a subsidiary of the biggest China e-commerce company Alibaba Group, attacked the big merchants on that platform for the upsetting on the higher annual fee with a flood of fake orders and regulatory products return leading to the cripple of the brand sites.