Corporate Legal Service

Daily Operation

  • Regulation and completion on the procedure of shareholders meeting’s establishment, convening, deliberation, voting, and specification on the authority scope;
  • Regulation and completion on the procedure of the election and alteration of director, the convening of board meeting, matters to be voted and authority scope;
  • Attending the board meeting and other important meetings;
  • Regulation on the procedure of sealing approval and record;



  • Company investment, including the establishment of wholly owned subsidiary;
  • Modification on joint venture contract or the articles of association, increase on registered capital, establishment of branches and any other legal matters subject to administrative approval or registration, and assistance in application submitting and communication related.



  • Acting in the case concerning corporate affairs, like the dispute of contribution, share trust, share transfer, M & A, liquidation, etc.


The Establishment of Foreign-invested Company and Foreign Investment

  • We are experienced and practiced in the field of foreign investment, and have provided services on company establishment for dozens of foreign invested companies. As to the details, please refer to Foreign Investment.


The Service Scope


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