Labor & Personnel Legal Services

Establishment of Labor and Personnel System

  • Setting up the labor and personnel system corresponding to China labor laws and regulations, including labor contract managing system, remuneration system, working time system, rest and vacation system, rewards and punishment system, social insurance system;
  • Drafting sample of labor contract, staff manual and other documents related.



  • Consultancy on enquiry of labor matters;
  • Drafting of non-disclosure agreement, training agreement, competition restriction agreement, etc;
  • Participation in collective bargaining, evidence collection, lawyer’s letter, investigation on employee’s background.


Special Legal Service

  • Services in special labor cases, including legal support in emergent or special matters like striking, downsizing, administrative punishment, adjustment on labor and personnel structure.



  • Acting in arbitration and litigation, including investigation before hearing, arbitration or litigation initiation, plea on the court, counterclaim, etc.


The Service Scope


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