Patent Legal Service

Administrative Affairs

  • Drafting patent application, patent claims and other documents;
  • Patent application;
  • Paten re-examination application, drafting application document, re-examination statement or reasons and other documents;
  • Invalid patent application, drafting application document, statement or reasons and other documents;
  • Communication and negotiation with patent officer in the process of patent application and dispute settlement.


Patent Strategy

  • Establishment of patent protection system, determination on the protection scope of peripheral patent and the establishment of patent pool.


Patent Transaction

  • Drafting and examination on the contract of patent sales, transfer and license;
  • Patent contract record and registration;
  • Investigation on patent ownership;
  • Assessment on patent value. 



  • Administrative litigation;
  • Infringement litigation;
  • Patent ownership confirming litigation.


The Service Scope


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Working time: 9:00—18:00 (Beijing), 1:00-10:00(GMT)
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