Trademark Legal Service

Trademark Application Agency

  • Report on trademark retrieval;
  • Advice on trademark application by trademark laws and regulations in China;
  • Application for trademark.


Other Agency

  • Trademark inquiry, renewal, transfer, modification, authorization record, opposition, review, etc.


Trademark Infringement Combating

  • Against the manufacture, sales, publicity, payment and other aspects concerning trademark infringement.
  • Method: litigation, administrative complaint, trademark record in custom.


The Service Scope


Tel: +8621 5213 4918
Fax: +8621 5213 4911

21F Zhongchuang Building, Nanjing Rd.(W), Jing’an District, Shanghai,China

Working time: 9:00—18:00 (Beijing), 1:00-10:00(GMT)
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