Patent Legal Service

Administrative Affairs
Drafting patent application, patent claims and other documents
Patent application;
Paten re-examination application, drafting application document, re-examination statement or reasons and other documents;
Invalid patent application, drafting application document, statement or reasons and other documents;
Communication and negotiation with patent officer in the process of patent application and dispute settlement.

Patent Strategy
Establishment of patent protection system, determination on the protection scope of peripheral patent and the establishment of patent pool.

Patent Transaction
Drafting and examination on the contract of patent sales, transfer and license;
Patent contract record and registration;
Investigation on patent ownership;
Assessment on patent value. 

Administrative litigation;
Infringement litigation;
Patent ownership confirming litigation.

The service scope: Intellectual property (copyright,patenttrademarktrade secret) ;Corporation affairsForeign investmentLabor & personnel.

Working time of the Team: 9:00—18:00 (Beijing), 1:00-10:00(GMT)

Tel: +8621 5213 4918       Fax: +8621 5213 4911
Address:21F Zhongchuang Building, Nanjing Rd.(W), Jing’an District, Shanghai,China

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