Trade Secret Legal Service

There has promulgated no Trade Secret Law in P.R.C, while the regulations concerning trade secret are respectively provided in Anti-unfair Competition Law, Labor Contract Law and other laws or regulations, such complicated legislation makes it crucial for international companies in China to maintain the legality and effectiveness of any legal documents containing trade secret. 

Drafting and Modification of Legal Documents
Localizing clients’ documents related to trade secret by China laws and regulations;
Drafting various legal documents concerning trade secret on clients’ demands, including the Confidential Articles of Association, Non-infringement Undertaking, Non-disclosure Agreement, Non-competition Agreement, Project Non-disclosure Agreement, Confidential Undertaking, etc.

Trade secret training for clients’ executive managements and legal risk training for research and development department (R&D Dept.) and other departments for the improvement of the sense of confidentiality.

Acting in dispute of competition restriction, trade secret infringement, as well as criminal report and acting in crime of infringing trade secret case.

The service scope: Intellectual property (copyright,patenttrademarktrade secret) ;Corporation affairsForeign investmentLabor & personnel.

Working time of the Team: 9:00—18:00 (Beijing), 1:00-10:00(GMT)

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